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  • Raspberry Pi ‘WeatherClock’ shows you the hour’s forecast 2021-08-02
    Meet Eli’s WeatherClock, a digital–analogue timepiece that displays the weather at each hour of the day as well as the time. Here’s an example: every day at 3pm, instead of the hour hand just pointing to a number three on the clock’s face, it also points to a visual representation of what the weather is… […]
  • Humane mouse trap | The MagPi #108 2021-07-30
    Safely catching mice is a better way of fixing a problem, and using Raspberry Pi means it needs less supervision. In the new issue of The MagPi magazine, Rob Zwetsloot takes a look with the maker, Andrew Taylor. With some IoT projects, it’s the little things that help. For example, take Andrew Taylor, who did… […]
  • Educating young people in AI, machine learning, and data science: new seminar series 2021-07-29
    A recent Forbes article reported that over the last four years, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in many business sectors has grown by 270%. AI has a history dating back to Alan Turing’s work in the 1940s, and we can define AI as the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to… […]
  • Raspberry Pi makes your retro analogue camera digital 2021-07-28
    Befinitiv has built a custom film cartridge, using a Raspberry Pi Zero W, that turned their gorgeous old analogue camera into a digital one, and enabled it to take digital photos, videos, and even wirelessly live stream to the Internet. The analogue camera they used in the build was considered state-of-the-art around fifty years ago,… […]
  • Celebrating the community: Laura 2021-07-27
    We love seeing all the wonderful things people are doing in the community — that’s why we’re sharing our new series of short films documenting some of the incredible journeys of community members in all corners of the globe! Today we bring you the third wonderful film in this series of community stories. For the… […]
  • Archimedes the AI robot | HackSpace #45 2021-07-26
    When we saw Alex Glow’s name in the latest issue of HackSpace magazine, we just had to share their project. HackSpace #45 celebrates the best Raspberry Pi builds of all time, and we remembered spotting Alex’s wearable robotic owl familiar back in the day. For those of you yet to have had the pleasure, meet… […]
  • Ten years of the Raspberry Pi blog 2021-07-23
    (Buckle yourselves in: this is a long one.) I had an email last month from UKScone, a Raspberry Pi user I met ten years ago at a Maker Faire in New York. “Just had a thought. It’ll be 10 years soon since you setup the blog/forums 🙂 Going to do a blog piece about it?… […]
  • Introducing the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre 2021-07-22
    I am delighted to announce the creation of the Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. With computers and digital technologies increasingly shaping all of our lives, it’s more important than ever that every young person, whatever their background or circumstances, has meaningful opportunities to learn about how computers work and… […]
  • Raspberry Pi turns cryptocurrency into music 2021-07-21
    Forget Beanie Babies as McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, or U2’s new album magically appearing on everyone’s iTunes list: the collaboration of the century is here. Estefannie Explains it All answered a call from LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER (aka Sam) who was looking for a coding genius to bring his cryptocurrency-measuring musical machine to life. Sam… […]
  • Mega six-screen cyberdeck 2021-07-20
    Holy cyberdecks! Redditor Holistech (aka Sören Gebbert) really leaned in to the “more is more” idiom when building this big orange cyberdeck using three Raspberry Pis. Why use just one screen to manipulate enemy cyberware and take down your cyberpunk foes, when you can have six? From four to six We first came across Sören’s… […]
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