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  • Play Call of Duty with a Raspberry Pi-powered Nerf gun 2021-04-16
    YouTuber Alfredo Sequeida turned a Nerf gun into a controller for playing Call of Duty: Warzone. This is a fun-looking modification project, but some serious coding went into the process. Trigger happy Funnily enough, the Nerf gun that Alfredo chose was a special edition Fortnite model. This irked him as a Call of Duty player,… […]
  • Our new SIGCSE Special Project on culturally relevant resources for computing 2021-04-15
    Over the last 20 years, researchers and educators have increasingly aimed to develop computing curricula that are culturally responsive and relevant. Designing equitable and authentic learning experiences in computing requires conscious effort to take into account the characteristics of learners and their social environments, in order to address topics that are relevant to a diverse… […]
  • Raspberry Pi: a versatile tool for biological sciences 2021-04-14
    Over the nine-ish years since the release of our first model, we’ve watched grow a thriving global community of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, hobbyists, and educators. But did you know that Raspberry Pi is also increasingly used in scientific research? Dr Jolle Jolles, a behavioural ecologist at the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF)… […]
  • Go down a Raspberry Pi YouTube rabbit hole 2021-04-13
    We here at Virtual Raspberry Pi Towers are looking forward to our weekends getting warmer, now that we are officially in British Summer Time. But we wanted to make the most of these last Saturdays and Sundays in which we have no choice but to cosy up against the typically British spring weather with a… […]
  • Edge Impulse and TinyML on Raspberry Pi 2021-04-12
    Raspberry Pi is probably the most affordable way to get started with embedded machine learning. The inferencing performance we see with Raspberry Pi 4 is comparable to or better than some of the new accelerator hardware, but your overall hardware cost is just that much lower. However, training custom models on Raspberry Pi — or any… […]
  • Play your retro console on a modern TV 2021-04-09
    Want to connect your retro console to your modern TV? The latest issue of Wireframe magazine has the only guide you need, courtesy of My Life in Gaming’s Mark Duddleson. “Get a Raspberry Pi. Done.” It’s probably the most frequently recurring comment we get across all videos on the My Life in Gaming YouTube channel,… […]
  • Raspberry Pi automatically refills your water bottle 2021-04-08
    YouTuber Chris Courses takes hydration seriously, but all those minutes spent filling up water bottles take a toll. 15 hours per year, to be exact. Chris regularly uses three differently sized water bottles and wanted to build something to fill them all to their exact measurements. (Polite readers may like to be warned of a… […]
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W turns iPod Classic into Spotify music player 2021-04-07
    Recreating Apple’s iconic iPod Classic as a Spotify player may seem like sacrilege but it works surprisingly well, finds Rosie Hattersley. Check out the latest issue of The MagPi magazine (pg 8 – 12) for a tutorial to follow if you’d like to create your own. When the original iPod was launched, the idea of… […]
  • 214 teams granted Flight Status for Astro Pi Mission Space Lab 2020/21! 2021-04-06
    The Raspberry Pi Foundation and ESA Education are excited to announce that 214 teams participating in Mission Space Lab of this year’s European Astro Pi Challenge have achieved Flight Status. That means they will have their computer programs run on the International Space Station (ISS) later this month! Mission Space Lab gives teams of students… […]
  • Remake Manic Miner’s collapsing platforms | Wireframe #49 2021-04-01
    Traverse a crumbly cavern in our homage to a Spectrum classic. Mark Vanstone has the code One of the most iconic games on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum featured a little man called Miner Willy, who spent his days walking and jumping from platform to platform collecting the items needed to unlock the door on each… […]
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